How To Choose the Right Smoke Detector

A smoke detector saves many lives each year. These detectors alter people in case of a fire so they can get out safely and quickly. If there was no smoke alarm a person may not be aware of the fire until it is too late. These are some tips on how to select a smoke detector.


Check the Power Source

Many smoke detectors are powered by batteries. These batteries do need to be changed every so often or at least once a year. Some smoke detectors will contain lithium batteries which can last for up to 10 years. Some smoke detectors can be wired right into the electric system of the home and use batteries only for backup. If a person is forgetful they may want to opt for the hard wired smoke detector.


Types of Smoke Alarms

While all types of smoke alarms will alert a person if there is a fire there are two main types of smoke detectors. There is the lionization alarm that is able to detect fire particles such as fast flames. There is also the photoelectric fire alarm that is able to detect slow and smoldering fires. While both types are very effective at detecting fire in the home it is best to get a duel sensor model. The duel sensor uses both forms of technology to detect fires as soon as they start.



It is best to get a fire detector that is low maintenance especially if it is battery powered. Look for one that slide out tray. Some batteries can even be changed without having to take the unit off the wall or ceiling. This will make it easier and reduce the chance of the detector becoming damaged.


False Alarms

At one point or another most people will set off the smoke detector when they are cooking. It is good to know if the smoke detector is working but false alarms can be a pain. A silence button should come on the alarm. That way when there is a false alarm going off it is easy to silence without having to take the batteries out of the unit.



The best smoke detectors will be certified by authorities that has completed independent tests on them. The Underwriters Laboratory is a well respected certification for smoke detectors. Do not purchase a smoke detector unless it has this certification. There are other organizations as well that will test the smoke alarm for safety.



Even good smoke detectors may malfunction at time. Good models will come with a warranty that will cover it for five to ten years. It is recommended by the United States Fire Administration that a person replace their smoke detector every eight to ten years. The smoke detector just about cover the life of the smoke detector.

These are some of the things that a person should look for when they want to purchase the best smoke detectors. These features are important as they one day may save a families’ life.

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