5 Recommended Home Insurance Companies in America

A home should be a sanctuary of rest and connect with family members. However, several risks are harbored by this same residence. Whether it is a fire, caused by an electrical fault, or a visitor trips over a sprinkler in the yard, and they twist an ankle, you can never be entirely safe from accidents. For this reason, it is necessary that every homeowner invests in having home insurance, to cover them in such times of unforeseen mishaps. For that case, it is essential to know the very best firms.

Amica Insurance

Among others, this company has the best satisfaction ratings and meager statistics of complaints filed. Clearly, the current clients are pleased. One of the factors that push it to the top is that the company replaces damaged or stolen property, as per the initial cost of purchase. This means that unlike most insurance corporations, the cost of depreciation is not reduced from the reimbursed total. Also, they replace locks for absolutely no additional cost; it is entirely free.

Liberty Mutual

What makes this company stand out is its expanded coverage, for unplanned costs, which emerge during the rebuilding of the home. Some of which can really elevate the price of the process. Besides that, the company will help the client get an exact match to the damaged property, so there is not much change felt afterward. Furthermore, the firm also offers a policy that covers valuables like damaged jewelry or art.


This company has built its reputation on its great car insurance policies, but its homeowner policies are just as excellent. They offer a policy, HostAdvantage, which covers damage or theft of property when a client is renting out their house on a short-term basis. They offer up to $10,000 in such a case. This means that if an individual wants to rent out their house, but is worried about their personal property, Allstate, through their policy HostAdvantage, has got them completely covered.

State Farm

This is by far one of the largest insurance companies, as well as one of the most well-known. Whatever time of the day, for 24 hours, they are available to file your claim. They have also received excellent reviews for their superb customer service skills. More to that, they offer a Premium Service Program that connects clients with competent contractors. The 5-year guarantee granted on services that they provide makes them remarkably worthwhile.


This firm offers a Green Home cover that is ideal for people who have houses designed to be environmentally friendly or conserve resources such as energy and water. It provides such homeowners with green materials necessary for rebuilding. They also replace damaged or destroyed green materials, according to the policy agreement. This is especially helpful to this particular group of homeowners because not many insurance companies offer the same services. What is more, the coverage for water back up will cover damage caused by overflows from a sump pump, or water backing up through sewer or drainage systems.




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